​Our Call To Serve

At St. Ambrose Catholic School we pride ourselves on intentionally doing Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. We....

Feed the Hungry:

We support our local Food Banks through planned food drives and Board wide initiatives.

Our school also provides an on-going nutritional program to all students so that we may realize the benefits of healthy eating and the right for it to be accessible to everyone.

Clothe the Naked:

We support our Board wide coat drive and actively have supported those in our own community that have been in need.

Give to the Poor:

Our Gifts of the Heart fundraiser has been an on-going well anticipated event for the last two years. All funds generated from this sale go directly to The St. Andre Bessette Trust Fund, whose mission is to help those less fortunate in our community.

Our Instruction:

We commit ourselves to learning about the Catholic faith and share our understanding of the Faith with others and those who welcome it.


We intervene in situations which people are clearly doing harm to themselves or others.

We ask our students "What Would Jesus Do" as a response when they enter conflict.  We work to be a good example for others.

Consoling Others:

We work to be optimistic and cynicism. We respond to cynicism and skepticism and doubt with hope.

We ask people about their hopes and support them in trying to attain them.


We offer words of encouragement to those who seem discouraged.

We offer positive words to fellow students or coworkers who are having a difficult time with their tasks.

We offer sympathy to those who are grieving.


We pray for those who have wronged you and pray for the courage to forgive.

We ask for forgiveness from others.

We let go of grudges. We go out of our way to be positive with someone you are having a difficult time with.

Bearing wrongs patiently:

We work at being less critical of others.

We overlook minor flaws and mistakes.

We give people the benefit of the doubt.

We assume that people who may have hurt you did so because they are enduring pain of their own.

We pray for those who have wronged you.​