​​​Parish, Home and School

​Our commitment to honour the covenant between schools, homes and parishes is rooted in pastoral plans that nurture the academic and spiri​tual life of our students.  Our schools are alive with dedicated commitment to prayer, sacramentality and Catholicity.  The strength of the parish-home-school relationship is an integral element of our work to foster the Catholic faith of our students. ​Please see below for information on our parishes in Huron and Perth counties.

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We believe that faith developmen​t is a gradual, life long and community process in partnership with the parish, home and school.​

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​​​​​​​​​Huron County Parishes​​Perth County Parishes
Precious Blood Catholic Church​
(clustered with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church)

Rev. Leonard G. Desjardins
200 Sanders Street West, Exeter, ON  N0M 1S2

TEL:  ​519-235-4546          FAX:  519-237-3447 

Website:  http://www.olmcpb.dol.ca​          Email:  olmcpb@dol.ca
St. Patrick's Catholic Church​
​(clustered with St. James Church, Seaforth)

Rev. Brian McColl
3931 Perth Road 180, Box 15, Dublin, ON  N0K 1E0

TEL:  ​519-345-2972        FAX:  519-266-4371 

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church
(clustered with Precious Blood Church, Exeter)

Rev. Leonard G. Desjardins
69219 Bronson Line, RR 8, Parkhill, ON  NOM 2KO
TEL:  519-237-3593​          FAX:  519-237-3447 

Website:  http://www.olmcpb.dol.ca​         Email:  olmcpb@dol.ca
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church​
​(clustered with St. Patrick's Church, Kinkora)

Rev. Clare Coleman
29 Park Lane, Mitchell, ON  N0K 1N0

TEL:  ​519-345-2972        FAX:  519-266-4371 

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
(clustered with Sacred Heart Church, Parkhill)

Rev. Antoine Laforet
337 Ontario Street, Hwy. 21, Grand Bend, ON  N0M 1T0

TEL:  ​519-238-8556          FAX:  519-660-2918 

Website:  http://www.shparkhill.dol.ca​      E-mail:  shparkhill@dol.ca
St. Patrick's Catholic Church​
​(clustered with St. Vincent de Paul Church, Mitchell)

Rev. Clare Coleman
4597 Road 145, RR 1 (Kinkora) Sebringville, ON  N0K 1X0

TEL:  ​519-345-2972        FAX:  519-266-4371 


Sacred Heart Catholic Church
(clustered with Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Grand Bend)

Rev. Antoine Laforet
159 Ann Street, P.O. Box 217, Parkhill, ON  N0M 2K0

TEL:  ​519-294-6844          FAX:  519-660-2918 

Website:  http://www.shparkhill.dol.ca​      Email:  shparkhill@dol.ca

St. Joseph's Catholic Church​
​(clustered with St. Ambrose, Brussels, and Sacred Heart, Wingham)

Rev. Keith Morrison
1025 Wallace Avenue North, Listowel, ON  N4W 1M6

TEL:  ​519-291-4400​         FAX:  519-279-4033 


St. Boniface Catholic Church
(clustered with St. Peter's Church in St. Joseph)

Rev. Matthew George
22 Mary Street, P.O. Box 81, Zurich, ON  NOM 2TO

TEL:  ​519-236-4191          FAX:  519-236-7143 



Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church​

Rev. Philip Joseph
149 King Street North, P.O. Box 692, St. Marys, ON  N4X 1B4

TEL:  ​519-284-2593​         FAX:  519-266-4389 

St. Peter's Catholic Church
(clustered with St. Boniface Church, Zurich)

Rev. Matthew George
R R 2, Zurich, ON  NOM 2TO

TEL:  ​519-236-4191          FAX:  519-236-7143 

St. Joseph's Catholic Church
(clustered with Immaculate Conception Church, Stratford)

Rev. Richard Bester
Rev. Seejo John (Parochial Vicar)
96 Huron Street, Stratford, ON  N5A 5S6

TEL:  519-271-6722​        FAX:  519-880-3686


St. Peter's Catholic Church

Rev. Gary G. Ducharme
156 North Street, Goderich, ON  N7A 2V3

TEL:  ​519-524-8174​         FAX:  519-524-2871 

Website:  http://www.stpetersgh.dol.ca   ​​E-mail:  stpetersgh@dol.ca
​​ ​Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
(clustered with St. Joseph's Church, Stratford)

Rev. Richard Bester
Rev. Seejo John (Parochial Vicar)
50 Well Street, Stratford, ON  N5A 4L7

TEL:  519-271-6722​        FAX:  519-880-3686


Sacred Heart Catholic​ Church​
​(clustered with St. Ambrose, Brussels, and St. Joseph's, Listowel)

Rev. Keith Morrison
220 Carling Terrace, P.O. Box 328, Wingham, ON  N0G 2W0

TEL:  ​519-291-4400​         FAX:  519-279-4033 

St. Ambrose Catholic​ Church​
​(clustered with Sacred Heart, Wingham, and St. Joseph's, Listowel)

Rev. Keith Morrison
17 Flora Street, Brussels, ON  N0G 1H0

TEL:  ​519-291-4400​         FAX:  519-279-4033 

St. James Catholic Church​
​(clustered with St. Patrick's Church, Dublin)

Rev. Brian McColl
13 Chalk Street, P.O. Box 100, Seaforth, ON  N0K  1W0

TEL:  ​519-345-2972        FAX:  519-266-4371